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S3 Storage

StartKit.AI uses S3-compatible storage for managing images, documents, and any other files a user might upload. We also store any generated images in S3 as by default OpenAI’s image URLs are only available for a short time.

S3 is dead easy to set-up, and almost every hosting provider provides a form of S3 compatible storage.

If you already know how to create an S3 bucket then you can skip to the config section.

S3 on DigitalOcean

If you’re using DigitalOcean to host StartKit.AI then you can use their S3 solution, called Spaces.

Simply create a new Space for StartKit.AI and enter the details into the .env file (see below).

Config .env

The following lines are required in your StartKit.AI .env file:


When you create your space you’ll be given a URL for it like this, that we need to split up into the variables we use.

For example given the following URL:

We need the following values:



You can get the values for STORAGE_SECRET and STORAGE_KEY from the DigitalOcean account settings page here.

One more step to go, setting up your OpenAI API key!