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Run StartKit.AI

If you’ve been following the guide, you should now have the following systems set up:

  1. The StartKit.AI code
  2. A MongoDB database
  3. A Pinecone index (optional)
  4. An S3 Bucket to store data
  5. An OpenAI API Key

Now we should be able to run StartKit.AI!

Make sure the following variables are set in your .env file:

# Database
# Pinecone
# S3 Storage
# OpenAI Key

Some other variables are included as well, but the defaults should work without needing to be changed. See the .env page for an explanation of all the .env variables.

Start the app

To run StartKit.AI in development mode run the following command:

yarn dev
# or with npm
npm run dev

Setup Page

You should then be able to open localhost:1337 in your browser.

You’ll be prompted to add a password for the Admin Dashboard, and then will see this page:


You can now access the Demos, Admin Dashboard, and API documentation.

You’re all set up!

Boom 💥, you’re ready start building the next big thing in AI startup land!

Check out the code and the features in the next pages of the docs, or jump right in and start shipping 🚀