Is this AI?

Check if a file was AI generated with our AI detector

Want to know if an image, audio clip, or video was generated by AI? Well AI providers add a little bit of metadata into their creations so that it's possible to know where they were made.

Simply drop your file here and we'll tell you the source.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • We're using a new technology standard called Content Credentials.

  • Creators (or apps that are used to generate content) can choose to attach Content Credentials to their content. Any time a piece of content is created, updated, captured, or edited, content credentials can be attached creating a permanent record of a files history that can be confirmed cryptographically.

    This allows us to easily see if a file was created or edited by AI tools at any stage of it's history.

  • When Content Credentials are attached to a file, we can see exactly how a file was created or edited, and this cannot be tampered with without being detected.

    However, it does rely on the content creator attaching the Content Credentials in the first place, and doesn't work if a file's content credentials are removed, or if an image is shared using a screenshot.

  • Content Credentials is in the process of being adopted by big players in the content and AI industry. Already Adobe and OpenAI content has Content Credentials attached, and TikTok are recently in the headlines for displaying if clips on their platform are AI generated or not using the technology.

    Expect to see more platforms using Content Credentials as it becomes more widespread!

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